About Life Is A Walk Ceramics

How can you feel a passion for life without feeling a passion for our planet? She is our host for the entirety of our human experience. She houses us, she feeds us and provide us with water; she gives us air to breathe; she facilitates the fire to keep us warm. We all have a leaning towards one of these elements, and mine is earth – the source of our food and the ground we walk on.

The inspiration for my ceramics comes from my love of the earth and the energies of the planets which we are part of.

Each piece is handmade, mostly by using the traditional coil method. I use either a good quality stoneware or a heavily grogged clay.

Each piece which is decorated with an image is hand drawn and etched using an oxide technique and the memorable connection I have gained from the art of walking and the absolute assurance of the importance of sitting. The final glaze or oxide-only firing generally takes place at 1260 degs C giving a robust, durable and rustic piece.

Each piece is made and given with love and respect for the origin of the clay, as well as the process it has passed through before it reaches my hands, and yours.