STREET WISDOM claimed that I could find solutions to my question by looking for answers in the street.

I had a question which was quite a meaty one, and I had been struggling with it for some time.

I’d got myself in a bit of a hole actually….. I asked the universe some time ago to release me from my day job. Now don’t get me wrong…. I care very much about my job, and about my colleagues, but I have a million and one other things I want to do before I go home. So I sat myself down, created my space, and asked the universe:

“Please release me as soon as is possible, and to the benefit of all involved”

TO. THE. BENEFIT. OF. ALL. INVOLVED!    It strikes me that I created such a network of possibilities with that request, that I will never be released! I put in my request in 2014 and still no sign of retirement.

I’m not a novice at looking for answers, watching out for signs, or trusting the universe.

I’ve asked tarot, I‘ve meditated, I’ve talked to the runes, studied my astrological chart, progressions and transits, sought help from a spiritual guide, walked in nature, consulted my dog, and journaled my way back to some common sense. The answers are almost always the same – “you are on the right track”. But here I am still at my desk, frequently wondering what goddamn track that might be and how long I might still be required to walk it!

Then I found Street Wisdom. It immediately grabbed my attention when it popped into my internet feed. Sounds like something I could use! The #universe has sent me a guide!!! I had no doubt that I would be able to find answers in the street in the same way as I could find answers from my other sources.

I looked at the website and found the nearest event to me. April 22 in Leamington Spa. An hour and a half from my home so perfectly do-able. I booked a space and left a small donation to prove to the universe that I was getting serious about this.

I arrived at the venue half an hour before we were due to start. It was a nice day: Cool, breezy, but dry. I sat outside and considered my question until it was time to meet.

As I say, I am perfectly trusting of the universe and it seemed to me as though it had already decided I wasn’t going anywhere for the time being. I didn’t want to ask ‘when am I going to retire?’ so instead I chose to address the question ‘how can I get joy from my commitment?’

There were 10 of us on the walk. Our Street Wizard introduced us, briefly described the agenda, and invited us to walk a short way to where we would start. We were invited to walk in pairs and exchange some information on where we normally walked, the environment which made us most comfortable, or where we spent relaxation time. I quickly said “forest – that’s my go-to place”. Clare, my walking companion said “water”.

“Oh really? Do you like to walk on the beach?”. “No”, she said, ”I like to be immersed in water – doesn’t matter where -either in the bath, or pool or sea. It’s something about being IN the water”.

How interesting…. I liked to make physical contact with wood, whilst she liked physical contact with water. We started to talk about elements, astrological birth signs, and what we might be missing in our DNA which makes us seek out or avoid certain types. She decided she was almost completely water, whilst I am predominantly earth and water in balance, but lacking air. We arrived at the Town Hall and before we settled to listen to the next stage of our walk, Clare said “maybe you should mix with more ‘air’ people – try to mix with the right elements”.  Right there I already had some wisdom to take away with me.

Our Street Wizard, Bryony, took us through three 10 minute exercises to tune us into our senses and slow us down so that we could be more open to the universal guidance, after which we set off for an hour’s lone walk to put our question out there and be ready to receive the answers.

I walked slowly down the street into what direction I didn’t know. I gazed into the street, trying to keep my focus not so short that I was searching for things, but not too long that I missed anything. My eyes kept being drawn higher than my head level, and everywhere I looked I was noticing alarms on buildings. I didn’t know there were so many security companies! “Everyone trying to protect themselves,” I thought! Security and protection…. That’s not what I wanted to think about….. refocus…. Is there a message here? Not one that I wanted to hear.

I passed a police station, and on the opposite side of the road there was a beautiful garden which I could just see through the railings. I wanted to go in. I crossed the road, and as I stepped onto the pavement and turned left to walk down it, a boy passed in front of me with a man who I presumed might be his father. The boy had on a burgundy t-shirt with white writing on it. “HONOUR THY TEAM”.

Two traffic wardens were walking towards me. I wanted to ask one of them if he enjoyed his job. “Can I ask you a question?” I said. “You just did.” He said. “Can you tell me where the entrance is to the garden?” He explained where the entrance was and I thanked him and moved on. WIMP I am!

I entered the garden and was immediately in the middle of some kind of fete. A scout fete or a similar organisation. Fathers mostly on the stalls, taking money for bouncy castles and skittles, and a scout leader organising a display of skills which the team of scouts was demonstrating. Teams again….

I walked through the fete, down towards the river and wandered alongside it. An elderly man sat alone on a bench. I decided I would sit beside him and ask him what he did for a living and maybe get into a discussion on the enjoyment he had had from his vocation, or indeed if he had ever looked for answers in the street. I sat down. He looked sideways at me. I took the smile from my face and looked straight ahead. Maybe today wasn’t the day to talk to random strangers…

I didn’t spend too long on the bench. I got up and walked along the river again. I could see a bridge to my left. Bridges have always been a huge problem for me. A phobia which I have been tackling and making some progress with for several years. I will cross this bridge, I thought. I walked towards it and heard the rushing noise of water going over a weir just to the side of it. I walked across with little emotion other than not insignificant surprise and a sense of achievement when I got to the other side. I stopped to look at the people crossing, and the water underneath, before turning and approaching it from the other direction.


This was quite a milestone for me to cross a bridge.. I stopped just over the apex. I could feel the nothingness beneath my feet. I turned to look down the length of the water and saw a rowing boat with two people. They were rowing like crazy but appeared to be going more in half-circles than straight lines. “They need a cox” I thought, “give them some direction and co-ordination”

That’s it! That’s what I should be doing…. Stop bloody well rowing all the time and start to be a cox. Honour my team and give them direction. Trust. Be more like an owner and less like a worker.

I walked the rest of the bridge and down through the slipway towards the road. “MIND YOUR HEAD” it said on the underpass. “Appropriate” I thought. Head always getting in the way of clear vision…..


I walked under the underpass, out onto the road and looked at my watch. It was almost 2.45, the time when we were invited to open the envelope to reveal our final meeting place. I stopped to open the envelope and as I looked up to walk again, I noticed a man in a group who had a Triumph Motorcycle logo on his black polo shirt.

Yes, Street Wisdom, I reckon it has been!