What do we mean by the word stress?

  • The broken boiler which we can’t fix?
  • The dog next door who keeps on barking?
  • The customer who never pays on time?
  • The mother-in-law who calls every time we sit down to watch the football?
  • The bill we can’t pay?

Are these causes of stress? Or are they factors which are the catalysts by which our deeper issues of suppressed stress make themselves heard? Is our stress caused by other things – much bigger things which we may not realise are there, or be able to comprehend?

Things like:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I want?
  • Am I loved?
  • Am I good enough?


SO how to tackle those huge questions?

Let’s take the big question of “Who am I?”  I don’t just mean nationality, height, marital status and job description.

If you are the kind of person who believes you are the sum of those things, the kind of person who believes you have been born simply because your parents are two animals who had sexual intercourse and that you will cease to exist when you die, then you’d better stop right here. Because I’m going to start talking about woo-woo stuff.

Stress exists on several levels. And I can almost guarantee, if you adequately address the question of “Who am I?” that the deepest level of stress will disappear. So how to find out who you are?

ASTROLOGY is very simply THE place to start.



You can begin to understand, broadly speaking, who you are in this life by going to www.cafeastrology.com. It’s a great place to be if astrology is new to you. It’s informative, easy to understand, cleanly laid out and comprehensive. You will need to know the date, place and approximate time of birth, and with this information you can run your own chart and meet yourself – maybe for the first time!! Pay particular attention to the sun, the ascendant, the moon, and the personal planets – mercury, venus, and mars.  It will take a bit of time, and you will need to be honest with yourself. Take what resonates, throw away what doesn’t, and be prepared to accept those traits which you don’t want to recognise but in your heart know are true. Step One is SIMPLE, FUN, and FREE. And it will may well have you hooked.




Find a professional who can build on your groundwork and put you straight in some areas. At this state you will probably start to learn a lot about astrology. It will cost you roughly £60 for a very simple reading and will give you food for thought for a long time.

Find out about your social planets – saturn and Jupiter



If your chosen astrologer wasn’t an evolutionary or soul astrologer, find one! This is the key to knowing who you really are. This is where you will find out where you have come from, why you are here, and where you are going. Make friends with Pluto and Chiron. You will feel as if you are shaking hands with your past and falling in love with the person that you have become.

So now you know yourself… or are beginning to know yourself. Over to the second question. What do I want?

At this stage, you will probably feel strong and sure enough to break this questions into two pieces

  • What do I want? (big car, nice holiday, two children, a decent pension)
  • What do I need? (which you now know since you know who you are and where you are going)

Hopefully, these two questions will have some overlap. If they don’t, now is the time to decide whether you will take care of your soul, or your three-dimensional ego desires. Beware the latter. It will bite you in the arse the next time around. Its called a skipped step. I should know…. I have one.

Am I Loved?  Well…. YES!!!!  I bet you a GB Pound to a pinch of salt that, once you know yourself you will love yourself. Not in the ‘gosh I’m beautiful, rich, funny, intelligent’ kind of way. You will love yourself in the deep and respectful way that you deserve. You are an eternal being of light working your way through a Masters Degree at the most prestigious cosmic university – why would you not love and respect yourself? As for the question of whether you are loved on the human level – I’m sure you are. Most of us are. If you don’t feel you are loved by a significant other or others, start by loving yourself. In this quantum world, as within so without. If you love yourself without ego and love others without conditions, then you will attract love of the same value.

Am I good enough?

Fill in the blank 😊

It all starts with #astrology my friends!!

That deep level of stress created by all things we cannot comprehend and which prevent the absolute foundational knowledge on which we base a productive life from the soul perspective can be eradicated.


Will we live a stress-free life when we have this knowledge? Probably not. BUT…. 

  • The broken boiler will be fixed at some point, and our gratitude for hot water will be immense.
  • The barking dog may still irritate. But now we can figure out his astrology and be much more likely to forgive him and shrug it off.
  • The customer may still fail to pay on time. Mmmmmm… that’s a toughy! Can you cast your mind back? Did you ever claim ‘cheque in the post’? Can we put that one down to balancing the karmic slate?
  • And the bill we can’t pay? Well… that’s likely a ‘do I need it’ question.

And ultimately, when the bigger ‘you’ can’t overcome the mundane stress issues, stop!! Hang back, have a gin or some chocolate, take a day off work, go for a walk or take a nap. Because weakness is not a crime, and laziness is not a sin.


Did I forget the Mother-in-Law??