Which Kind of Walker Are You?

Sit a while and watch the people walking by….. is it possible to consider ‘what kind of walker are you?’

Do you see the different ways in which those people walk?

When they walk with others, their walk conforms. Mostly the walk differs only by speed. In their togetherness they may walk quickly or slowly, but there is a conformation in the collective walking.

Watch the people who are walking on their own… there you will see their nature coming through, or the flavor of their life’s experience.


The Striders

Can you see the STRIDERS? The long-legged Striders who stride with ease and some grace, and the short-legged Striders who stride with more incongruity and seeming effort. The utmost yang of our walking types. These are the Arians, the rams and the horses of the human world. These are the people who are the I AMs. They seem to have their goal set and take the most direct route to the golden nugget of opportunity shining in front of them. They put forth with so much energy and intention that others in their path will step aside or change the speed of their walk to accommodate the Striders. The Striders, with a full intention of meeting their needs, are whizzing past me.

Would they stop if I asked “what kind of walker are you?”


The Stumblers

And here are some STUMBLERS. Look how unsure they are in comparison with the Striders. Watching the Stumblers is like watching a lone spider crossing my kitchen floor. He scurries along, quite sure of where he is going until he reaches the table leg. Then he stops, as if that massive totem was suddenly put in front of him. He turns, takes a few steps in the sideways direction, then turns again and comes back from where he came. After a short way travelled at a more unsure pace, he turns once again and sets back off on his original path, avoiding the table leg this time, before picking up speed to beetle towards the other side of the kitchen where the big black cat is waiting for him. I smile as I watch the Stumblers. These are the I THINK I WILLs. These are the jugglers of life. The people who sway around all over the pavement to avoid other people and their umbrellas, tripping over a dog or two on the way. I think of these people as belonging to Neptune.

A man has walked quickly to the edge of the pavement where some other walkers are waiting to cross the road. Did you see him lose his footing and slip just slightly into the road? When he stepped back to be on the kerb again he stood on the foot of the woman behind him. Now he is crossing. Oh wait… he has changed his mind and made a U-turn. Back through the wall of fellow crossers, Can you see him? He is making his way down the road again. A Stumbler.

Would they understand if I asked “what kind of walker are you?”

The Strollers

Then there are the STROLLERS. I love watching the Strollers. They are not come and gone in a rush like the others, and you can almost see what they are thinking as they amble their way along their chosen course. Those are the people who appear to have just what they want, feeling their way through the forest of life, harmonizing with all they meet along the way. They are the sheep and the peacocks of the human world, who are the I HAVEs. These are the people who understand their borders and boundaries and are content within them. It’s very peaceful watching the Strollers today. Unlike the Striders, they give me time to make a connection to them, checking out their expression and their clothes, and they don’t exhaust me like the Stumblers do, constantly changing their minds or coming up against obstacles.

Would they stop to debate when I asked “what kind of walker are you?”

The Sitters

Then, of course, we have to consider the people who SIT. Don’t try to tell me that sitting isn’t a type of walking, because it is! It is a walk within the caverns of the mind. Those are the thinkers, the analysers, and the people who just know. They are the I KNOWs; the meditators. You could call them the elephants and the whales, the dwellers of the kidneys of our cosmos. These are the types of walkers who look upon the Striders, the Stumblers, and the Strollers and make sense of it all. These are the people of Uranus, who exist in a place where their universe meets the final transformation. How peaceful they look.

Dare I disturb them to ask “what kind of walker are you?”

Life is a Walk.

Some we spend striding, some stumbling and some strolling.

Sometimes we hobble, and sometimes we hike.

And sometimes we just sit and consider the other man’s shoes.